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Your research needs always in focus, the PI Beamline Instrumentation Group offers sophisticated equipment for high-end scientific research in large-scale synchrotron and accelerator research facilities. Select from a wide range of high-performance single- and multi-axis positioning products, or request your own dedicated system.

PI Beamline Instrumentation offers complete system solutions all along the path from the idea to the on-site implementation are available from a single provider. Based on over 40 years of experience, the PI Group supports the international research community in micro- and nanopositioning tasks. Reliable and precise positioning systems are not only dedicated for ambient conditions, but also for vacuum, cryogenic, radiation exposed and outer space environment.

System Solutions

System Solutions


Mechanical optimization and elaborate design sum up to satisfy the most demanding tasks. From the granite base to the sample manipulator every part of an instrument is selected with profound knowledge, and operated and controlled with consideration.

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Watch Details

Watch product information on-the-go, and find out more about the possibilities of precision motion control in a most convenient dosage.

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Latest News

Latest News

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The broad spectrum of technology is the basis for further growth and expansion. Novel drive concepts, products and system solutions have led to a continuous growth in market shares and a healthy company development in the past years. Find out what's new: PI technologies, product innovations and interesting user reports.

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